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#GCISuccess Stories

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Illinoisans across the state are successfully signing up for quality, affordable health coverage through the Marketplace. If you are uninsured, there are a range of plans available to meet your financial situation and health needs.  And health insurance plans can no longer refuse to cover you or charge you more due to a pre-existing health condition.  Get Covered Illinois can help you explore your coverage options, find out if you are eligible for financial assistance, and enroll in an affordable health plan today. Remember: March 31st is the deadline for Open Enrollment. Sign up by March 15th for coverage starting April 1st.

Below are a few stories from people like you who found quality, affordable health coverage in the Marketplace.

Rebecca S.

Rebecca, a 27 year-old Chicago resident, was denied coverage in 2012 because of her pre-existing condition. Upon being rejected in the private market, Rebecca enrolled in a plan for high-risk individuals that was beyond her price range and didn’t cover many of her health care needs. Now, Rebecca is enrolled in a Silver plan that saves her $1,600 per year compared to her previous coverage and covers the majority of her needs. Rebecca sees her new health insurance as more than just comprehensive coverage at a fair price. She believes enrolling in affordable health care is her chance at the American dream to be young and hardworking without the fear that an accident or illness will derail her dreams.

Joe Z.

Joe, a 55 year-old self-employed realtor from Chicago, previously had a COBRA plan that ended in 2013. Preparing for the New Year, Joe enrolled in a Silver plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield through the Marketplace. He was amazed to learn that his premium would be reduced by over 50% and that his new plan offered more extensive coverage.  Joe is thankful that he was able to find affordable coverage on the Marketplace, especially with his pre-existing condition. In 2005, Joe underwent open heart surgery and said it was nearly impossible to find reasonable coverage with his medical history until the Affordable Care Act. Since enrolling, he has already used his insurance at his annual checkup with his cardiologist. Joe can rest easy now knowing his medical history will never dictate the type of coverage he can get again.

Carl H.

Carl, a 57 year-old part-time building inspector, enrolled in a Silver plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield through the Marketplace. Carl was previously insured through a COBRA plan for over $600/mo. After attending learning sessions at his local public library, Carl decided to sit with a Navigator and explore his options at Carl ended up finishing the application himself in spite of not being technologically savvy. He was surprised to find how quick and easy the application was to fill out. Carl was able to enroll in a plan in thirty minutes that costs nearly $400 less per month than his previous COBRA plan. Carl said he is happy to have a plan with great benefits and even better savings.

Fiona O.

Fiona, a 54 year-old Burr Ridge resident, was diagnosed with breast cancer 7 years ago. After her diagnosis, she was forced to leave her job as an Assistant Property Manager and move in with her mother. With mounting medical bills, Fiona went to Get Covered Illinois to explore her health coverage options. She was previously covered by the Illinois Comprehensive Insurance Program available for residents in high-risk pools for $739 per month. Now, she has enrolled in a Marketplace plan that saves her $400 each month. Being able to get such robust coverage with great savings left Fiona with a rush of relief. Now, she can use the money she is saving to take care of her aging mother.

Join the many Illinoisans who have already found quality, affordable health coverage in the Marketplace and enroll today. Click here to explore your coverage options. If you want assistance enrolling in a plan, click here to find a trained Navigator near you or call the Help Desk at (866)311-1119.